Whispers of a heartbreak

Whispers of a heartbreak

The heart manages to defy logic on a daily basis. It can create an experiential miracle out of a simple moment and a tsunami out of another. As individuals we are good at interpreting what we want the heart to say. When we sit down and actually listen, it can be the most terrifying and liberating feat. It may tear us down, break us in half, but if we let go of the fear, and really hear it, we can let in a little bit more love and a little bit more light. We can become more open and vulnerable than we have ever imagined. In one moment, we can become fragile and empowered. When the heart breaks, insight comes with putting the pieces in a new shape or form. Here are a few ways to begin.

Learn to listen

Listen to your heart. This is probably the hardest part. At least, it is for me. Songs have been written about how to achieve this intangible act. How can we operationalize that? It begins with observation. Listening to your environment. Noticing what you interpret as signs. Hearing your thoughts with an open non-judgement stance. It’s okay and normal not to have all of the answers. With time they come.

Welcome it all

Allowing space for all of the chaos is probably what has helped me the most. Human kind is complicated breed. We are full of nuances. Make space for the good, the bad, the unknown, the anxiety, the sadness, the pain, the joy, the love, and most of all, your truth.


Find clarity

Once it’s all there, rely on logic to find a clear mind. Let go of the emotions and have an honest interior discussion.

Let go of fear

Fear can hold us in the same place for a long time. Let go of the fear of the unknown. Let go of all the questions. Let go of the fear of making a mistake. Let go of the ego, the defenses, the rules and be raw. As Birdy says in her song, “If were strong enough to let in, we’re strong enough to let it go.” Life has a way of pushing us and placing us where we need to be. All we have is the present moment. If you are here, it’s because you took the steps to be here. Now what moves will you make?


Respect the process and cultivate kindness

It is impossible to know how we react to heartbreak. Developing a compassionate attitude towards ourselves, allowing us to feel the pain and the break is important. Suffering is part of human experience, but so is resilience and learning how to stand up again. Thus, respect your process and the one of those around you. Allow yourself to be open and observant and to let the second party do their process in their way.


Put the pieces back together

One breath, one moment at a time, learn how to compose the life you want. Let yourself be curious and open to new possibilities. Take the time to understand the person you’ve become. In moments of fragility, pay attention to your breath and remember that you are breathing life. Remember that you have the power to move forwards. Learn to discover your heart and who you are. Put the pieces back together and create a new mosaic with what you have. Embrace it.